TIMBERSTONE has a proactive approach towards protecting the environment and we have adopted many measures to take us beyond legal compliance within the Environmental Protection Act.

Bona Trees Road

♦ By the very nature of our work we protect the environment through restoration and refurbishment; we and prolong the useful life of natural timber flooring and help reduce the manufacturing requirement of modern land-fill products that are not easily bio-degradable, such as carpets and floors containing acrylic resin, synthetic rubber, polypropylene and nylon.

♦ We use natural products with ecological peace of mind. We have selected the very best raw materials that nature has to offer. Many of the products we use are made from natural resources such as sand, glass, natural oils, waxes and plant resins.

♦ We are committed to the eradication of products that damage the environment and we have sought to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals such as those containing CFC’s and solvent based floor seals and polishes. containing CFC’s and solvent based floor seals and polishes.

♦ We assist in improving indoor air-quality within facilities. Natural flooring provides a cleaner, healthier environment, which reduces the risks of indoor dust allergens and harmful bacteria often found in carpets and rugs; offering welcome relief to asthma and allergy suffers.

♦ To reduce the likelihood of dust fallout within our own operations we use cyclonic triple filtration dust extraction machinery; purpose designed for the professional floor sanding market, which enables us to sand your floors virtually dust free.

♦ We take a responsible attitude towards the disposal of waste and we have recycling systems set-up within our offices, workshop and stores. To reduce the likelihood of fly tipping we employ approved waste disposal contractors. We also recycle product containers and fill from bulk sources.

♦ We support all progress being made towards environmentally balanced forest management. We restore and repair wood flooring using recycled and salvaged timber, which aids in the reduction of the felling of young and established trees.