Floor Maintenance

Looking After Your Floor

After your floor has been professionally treated and restored, we recommend you take the following precautions. It’s vital that wood floors are protected from furniture abrasions and daily foot traffic. Wood floor sealants and polishes are tough and hard wearing, however, not scratch, scuff or damage resistant.

Using Your Floor for the First Time with Bona Traffic HD

The floor can be used for light foot traffic 24 hours after the final coat of floor sealant has been applied.

Heavy foot traffic should be avoided for a minimum period of 3 days.

Furniture should not be replaced until the floor has had sufficient time to cure and strengthen 2-3 days.

The use of rugs, protective sheeting and dustsheets should be avoided for a minimum period of 5 days.

Use of cleaning detergents and damp mopping systems should be avoided for a minimum period of 7 days.

Re-Painting Skirting Boards and Edges After Floor Restoration:

The use of masking tape and low-tack tape on the surface of the floor can cause permanent damage to the fresh sealant. If masking tape must be used, avoid application for a minimum period of 7 days. Maximum contact with the floor should be no longer than 30 minutes.

Entrance Door Matting:

As much as 85% of the dirt on your floor is walked in from the sole of your shoe. The answer is to stop dirt, grit and moisture at all entrances and access points with an effective barrier. We recommend you purchase a good quality, high absorbent internal doormat – preferably the washable type. Traditional coconut matting and pieces of remnant carpet are ineffective and unsuitable. The most cost effective mat on the market is from Doormats UK 0800 328 0315, they supply a mat called the Waterhog which comes with a 5 year guarantee. The ideal size mat is 3ft x 4ft, which is normally adequate in size for coping with heavy foot traffic, wet mud and dry soil, giving maximum protection to your floor.

Furniture Floor Protection Pads:

Felt pads should be placed on all furniture to protect your floor from abrasion marks and indentations. We advise that you remove any metal studs or casters from legs of chairs, tables and sofas, etc and simply replace with purpose designed self adhesive protective felt pads – available from most home improvement stores.


To avoid permanent damage to the floor attended to spills immediately. Do not allow liquid spillages or wet rugs to lay in contact with the surface of the floor for long periods of time.


Do not use harsh abrasive or bleach on the floor. Do not use floor maintenance products designed cleaning metallised emulsion floor surfaces. Do not attempt to polish the floor with metallised emulsion polish. Incompatible floor cleaning and maintenance products should not be used they will strip the surface polymers and cause severe damage to the floor. Only use recommended Bona floor maintenance products.