The History of Timberstone…



Over the past 25 years, Timberstone has restored hundreds of wood floors in period homes throughout Kent, ancient churches, schools and village halls. Timberstone Floor Restoration based in Westgate Kent employ a small team of staff who have worked for the company for many years. Timberstone has an excellent reputation throughout the Kent community, and prides its reputation on high quality work at a competitive price.

Discovering a wood floor under an old or worn carpet is “amazing good fortune,” says Colin, because “wood floors are beautiful and add a touch of warmth and class.”

Working with wood, and the restoration of buildings, runs in the Hemmings family. Colin’s father Bill Hemmings was well-known in these parts as a steeplejack. He worked in both wood and stone, on churches, barns and cathedrals, and founded the Timberstone Company. “Father never minded heights”, says Colin. “I’m terrified of them. But we shared a love of timber

Colin’s skill is based on his ability to match the timber in an old and fractured wood floor with wood of the same type and age. Fifty years ago, the company’s prime work was restoring ancient buildings; since they began to concentrate on floors and flooring 25 years ago, the skills and contacts built up over decades enable them to find precisely the wood which will match and transform a stained and pitted wood floor. “Teak is the hardest wood to obtain and match” says Colin. “One of our biggest challenges was to repair and complete a floor made entirely out of teak 18th century rifle butts from India. We managed it.”

Timberstone offer dust-free sanding and polishing and restoration and repairs to flooring, with parquet and wood-block flooring a speciality.

Now there’s a third-generation of Hemmings in the business, Colin’s son Cavan. Like father, like son – and like grandfather. The future at Timberstone seems bright!

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